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Healed All My Cracked Skin

"Robertsons made my skin crack and bleed and I used it for 4 weeks and it didn't improve. I've been using the emollient for about 2 weeks now and it's healed all my cracks and make my hands so much smoother. They're still a little bit red so I've just ordered the cleansing bar and hopefully that will get rid of this. I highly recommend syrinx! X" Testimonial from Syrinxza Facebook page. Melissa Iniff 31st January 2016 Melissa has been using the Emollient … [Read more...]

Huge Difference to my 6 Year Old Sons Hands

"Tried this on my wee boy who is 6 yrs old and he has been using steroid creams and his skin was so bad and red and sore. Well my son has been using this cream for a couple of days and i and he noticed a huge difference to his hands. Thank you. x" Sharon Mcintosh, Feedback received on Syrinxza Facebook page. 25th January 2016 Her son is using Syrinxza Emollient Cream which is excellent for dry skin and psoriasis and eczema. > Emollient Cream … [Read more...]

Acnes Cleansing Soap

"I had been having trouble with acne for years, and found it impossible to get rid of. But a few days of Syrinx Za deep cleansing therapy soap was enough to make a noticeable effect, and it was only a little over a week of daily use before my skin was clear! I couldn't have been happier." Sam Clark … [Read more...]

I Use To Have Problem Skin

All my life I have had problem skin it's so hard to deal I react to everything. I started using this and my skin has never been better honestly this product is amazing and worth every penny thanks for this product. Carolyn … [Read more...]

Sensitive Skin Resolved By Syrinx Za

When I was on a chemotherapy regimen for many years my skin became sensitive to every moisturizer I tried. I searched for a product for sensitive skin and found Syrinx-Za in the UK and have been using their products ever since with great results. I no longer have the drastic sensitivity to chemicals as before, but I choose to use Derma Protector as a base moisturizer for face and body due to its effectiveness.   Carolanne is referring to the following product: Derma Protector … [Read more...]

My Eczema Has Gone …

I have always had very dry skin and eczema behind my ears. I have not washed my face in over 20 years but used cleansing cream. After 3 months of using the Syrinx bar my eczema has gone and my skin is not dry anymore. I also purchased the shampoo after the success of the soap as I suffered from cradle cap, no shampoo would get rid of it. it did not go overnight but after 3 months of regular use the cradle cap is getting much better. I now recommend your products to anyone with skin problems. … [Read more...]

Amazing Balm Improved My Skin

I had to email you and tell you how amazing the balm with tea tree oil in it has improved my skin so much my skin has never been this great in years thank you very much you have really helped me I am sure this product will be a great success thanks. Carolyn Carolyn is referring to the product:   Derma Protector Ultra Sensitive Balm Purchase the Derma Protector Ultra Sensitive Balm Here … [Read more...]

Wonderful Soap and Hand Cream

Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful soap and hand cream. As a long-standing eczema sufferer I have found these to be the best products available. I use the soap daily and it is both effective and moisturising. I can even use it on my face. The cream protects my skin, especially in cold or dry weather and is completely non-irritant. Cressida Nash Deep Cleanser Deep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar:Deep Cleanser Detoxifying Therapy Bar - Purchase the Deep Cleanser … [Read more...]

I have had 3 great successes with Syrinx ZA products!

I have had 3 great successes with Syrinx ZA products! 1. For 2 years I had a broken and crumbling big toe nail which would never grow to its full length. Six months ago I started rubbing the Syrinx ZA cream on the cuticle/nail bed morning and night. The nail began to grow very fast, and for the last 2 months that nail is, finally, full grown and strong! 2. Recently I noticed I had an ‘old age stain’ on the skin by my eye. Then another patch appeared above it, then another below. For 2 … [Read more...]

My son prefers your hair product over others

The cleansing bar has been especially helpful in removing bacteria and pollens etc, that trigger allergic skin responses. I appreciate your tip to leave the suds on affected areas for several minutes. I believe the Sapropel helps draw out irritants from the skin and the the natural emollient greatly diminishes dryness of the skin. The hand lotion has been very helpful and not just on the hands. My son prefers your hair product over other ones we have tried. Wanda Nagle Wanda … [Read more...]