Do you get a skin irritation after swimming?

Skin Allergies, Swimming Pool RashYou Might be Suffering an Allergic Reaction to Chlorine
If you or your children get itchy skin or a mild rash after a session in the local swimming pool then you may be suffering an allergic reaction to swimming pool chlorine. Don’t worry too much there is an easy solution.

Chlorine is a clever chemical which kills micro-organisms and bacteria that can be dangerous to humans, so we should be glad it’s there protecting us from nasty germs and diseases. BUT – chlorine can unfortunately irritate sensitive skin.

How to Avoid Getting Swimming Pool Rash

Swimming Pool Rash or Itchy Skin after swimming in the pool may not happen straight away. With some people its almost immediate but it creeps up on others over a few hours or even a few days. This is because the skin is porous and the chlorine “seeps” in to the skin dependent on how tough or sensitive an individuals skin is and also dependent on how sensitive different people are to chlorine.

Chlorine is the Cause, Sensitive Skin is the Issue!
Some would say keep your kids out of the pool if they are sensitive to chlorine, but we both know that’s not going to happen! Quite right too.
Three Steps to Avoid Getting Swimming Pool Rash
1. Use sensitive skin cream every morning & night.
2. Apply a skin moisturising barrier before the pool.
3. Cleanse skin with chelating soap after the pool.

Swimming Pool Rash Avoidance Steps 1, 2 and 3 Detail

1. Use sensitive skin cream every morning & night
Regardless of age if you have sensitive skin you should take steps to care for it to avoid problems such as allergies to swimming pool chlorine and dogs and cats etc. Read about our Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream here.

2. Apply a skin moisturising barrier before the pool.
You need to form a barrier between sensitive skin and chlorine but you need to do this with a pure natural product, because most barrier creams are NOT designed for sensitive skin. So this is our advice: Just before you leave home for the pool work our Moisturising Therapy Balm into sensitive areas or the entire body if you suffer all over.

You need to allow a minimum of 30 minutes between applying the Therapy Balm and entering the pool. This will provide a barrier to the chlorine and deeply moisturise the skin as well.

3. Cleanse skin with chelating soap after the pool.
OK, So what is a chelating soap? Our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar is a Chelating Soap:

Our Deep Cleansing Therapy Bar contains Zander.
Zander contains high levels of fulvic substances, with hooks known as ‘ligands’. Each hook acts like a lobster’s claw (or chela), pinching charged metal atoms and drawing them to the surface of the skin. This phenomenon happens instantaneously, the moment the Zander particles come into contact with any metals in the range of pH 1–9. So in practical terms, Zander can remove impurities from the skin – leaving the skin free breathe naturally.

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  1. Bernie Davis says:

    I am 62 and have been swimming three times a week for the past 6 months. Recently about 3 hours after swimming I experienced a strong allergic reaction with swollen eyelids and my whole face burning and itching, which continued throughout the evening. Luckily I found information on your website that seemed to mirror my experience and offer some concrete advice. I bought the recommended soap, Ultra Sensitive Therapy Cream and Moisturising Balm and have been using them as advised on your website. I have since been able to swim with the developing the reaction, which has been a great relief! However whenever I apply the Therapy Cream for a few minutes my face has a slight burning sensation. Is this normal?

    • micksay says:

      Hi Bernie

      Thanks very much for letting us know how well you are getting on with our products. We love to hear how we have helped people, its fantastic that you can carry on with your swimming now.

      You must have extremely sensitive skin, there can be a brief reaction while the skin gets used to the healing properties of the cream but this should not last, if you are finding this uncomfortable just use the Balm – gently rubbing in post shower after swimming and possibly last thing at night/first thing in the morning.

      I hope this helps.. Please let us know how you get on.

      Good luck and Kind regards – Syrinx Za.

  2. Hi,
    I recently took my 15 month old swimming in a pool. She was recovering from a jellyfish sting that happen a week before and was almost 90% gone so I thought it would be harmless for her to swim. After 2 days the nasty sting appeared again and the redness and swelling made me age 10 years. Is it possible that she had an allergic reaction which caused this or is it a coincidence? She is getting treated now but it would be good to know.

    • Hi Rebecca

      I’m glad that it is getting treated now.

      With regard to the sting recurring – this can happen about 10 days after the initial sting from a Man-o-war and antibiotics are usually required, so one would assume this was the case here.

      All the Best

  3. Zeina wadah says:

    Hi ,
    I have been swimming for a month now and every time I swim my hands to the elbows get really itchy , and there’s a rash which doesn’t go away , u can’t see it directly it’s like under the skin
    Is this normal ? Or I am having a more serious problem ?

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