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Skin Allergies

what does it all mean…and what’s the best natural treatment?.
Skin allergies are common among people with dry or sensitive skin – and it seems almost anything can trigger an allergic reaction: central heating, wet weather, fumes, dairy products, dust mites…and especially the nickel used in watches and jewellery.

When the skin is aggravated, raised red angry patches will break out, usually on the arms, legs, neck or chest. Some allergies will also cause ugly wheals that look like whipping scars. These and other allergic sores can be painful, or sometimes itchy.

Allergic Skin RevitaliserAllergic Skin Revitaliser

Revitalises Skin Prone to Skin Allergies.
* Highly moisturising softens and rehydrates dry, tired skin.
* Soothes and relieves skin irritation.
* Effective for Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis.
* No parabens, steroids, petroleum or chemicals.
* No animal testing.

 50ML £17.99 | 180ML £39.98




  • 24 hour protection to naturally boost the skins immune system and rehydrate dry, problematic skin

…can skin allergies be cured?

As with most skin allergies, a long-term cure is often a step too far – but with the right products, most skin allergies can be treated, relieving symptoms from day to day.

However, many emollients will irritate allergic skin and often compound the problem – especially if the allergic reaction is triggered by contaminating agents like fumes or metal salts.

This happens because the affected skin needs a ‘deep clean’, to remove all traces of toxins – but chemical-based emollients can have the opposite effect, actually sealing additional chemicals into the skin.

…Syrinx Za can help

We have a range of organic balms and emollients, containing Zander – a natural cleansing agent that removes metal salts and locks them permanently away from the skin, by a process known as chelation.

As well as Zander, our products contain a mix of healing properties that will gently soothe the skin and restore your natural complexion.

Crucially, all our ingredients are 100% natural…
…so with Syrinx Za, there’s no risk of an adverse chemical reaction.

  • Provides 24 hour hydration for dry, rough and cracked skin.
  • Noticeably smoother and softer skin in two weeks.

…try this treatment regime:

Start by using the Therapy Bar on the affected areas and surrounding skin. Make a thick lather and rub in firmly, to deeply cleanse and remove unwanted toxins and chemicals from the skin

Leave the lather on for a few minutes, so the Zander can remove the irritable particles from the skin. Then after rinsing, moisturise with the Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream. Let the cream dry naturally, allowing the Argan Oil’s healing properties to sink deep into the skin.

Do this for a few minutes every morning and night until the affected area begins to heal. For best results, continue to use the soap after the allergic reaction has been calmed – especially during the winter months.

Syrinx Za natural treatment for skin allergies:

Deep Cleanser Therapy Bar

Allergic skin cleansing soapAll natural, cold process soap for all ages and skin types
This dry skin soap treats a full range of sensitive skin conditions, with antipruritic properties to soothe itching and relieve sores.


Ultra-Sensitive Therapy Cream

Allergic skin creamThe natural alternative treatment for all types of allergic skin conditions
Our gentlest body and face cream is a natural emollient that soothes and nourishes the skin after cleansing. A sensitive, complimentary treatment.



Your skin is unique

Our customers tell us these are the most effective treatments for skin allergies. But it’s different for everyone. For example:

  • The skin creams work well on oily skin or delicate parts of the body – including the face, ears, neck, chest and groin.
  • The balms offer protection from the elements, and work well on dry or cracked skin – especially on the hands, feet, ankles, legs and arms.

So you may want to experiment. All our products are clinically proven to be non-irritant, so you can mix and match without risk. It won’t be long before you find the right balance for your type of skin or Skin Disorder.

I have suffered from allergic reactions on my face and fore head when petting animals, in particular dogs for around 30 years and as a result generally keep away from family and neighbors dogs and cats, I have been using the Syrinx ZA soap now for two months and blissfully the condition has disappeared completely!. Mick Say, Kent.


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