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Zander: the key to paraben free moisturisers, soaps, balms and lotionsZander: Nature’s Best Kept Secret

…and the key to paraben-free skincare.
Zander is a dermatological – and geological – phenomenon! A sediment found in a handful of lakes across North Eastern Europe, it’s been used for centuries as a natural skincare treatment.

And today, it’s the basis of a whole range of paraben-free products.

Zander’s secret lies in its ability to remove toxins and metals from the skin – drawing out impurities before restoring the skin’s natural moisture. It’s a different approach that sets our products apart from traditional remedies, that work by sealing chemicals into the skin.

Zander is full of natural vitamins and minerals, which are well known to help boost the body’s own immune system boosting the body’s ability to fight afflictions such as warts or skin tags and other irritable sensitive dry skin issues.

How is Zander formed?

Like any natural substance, Zander only thrives in the right conditions. It needs glacier-created waters and a cool local temperature, so dissolved oxygen is limited – prohibiting natural decomposition.

In this environment, lakeside reeds begin to form debris. Then over thousands of years, the deposits bind together…storing a blend of lipids and vitamins.

We call the end product Zander.

And while the raw sediment is messy and mud-like, its applications are vast – a fact that was recognised hundreds of years ago, by local farmworkers who used it to relieve the sores and wounds of manual labour.

Today, we take Zander’s best properties and couple the extracts with natural oils, to treat all types of skin conditions.

Zander’s properties include:

  • Lipids: fatty acids that nourish dehydrated skin
  • Vitamins that control healing and maintain the skin’s appearance
  • Minerals that nourish, rejuvenate and heal
  • Humic and fulvic substances that repair and restore skin cells
  • Amino acids that prevent dehydration and build a healthy skin

Working together, these diverse properties repair and maintain the skin: neutralising acids…capturing toxins…exfoliating…hydrating…creating a natural paraben-free alternative to traditional skin care.

“It keeps my dry skin moisturised, and the gentle exfoliating properties leave my skin feeling soft and beautifully scented”
~ Dr Tauni Lanier, London

In the last few years, Zander has become the foundation of our natural skincare products. It’s also undergone extensive trials. And clinicians and consumers agree:

Syrinx Za, Zander rich, natural skin care products

Syrinx Za products are used to treat all types of skin disorders, including eczema, dermatitis, cracked feet, acne, rashes, warts and dry skin.

Of course, you don’t have to suffer from troubled skin to get the full benefits of Zander. It’s for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy looking skin.

And that probably means everyone…

You can find out more about Syrinx Za here. Or take a look at our paraben-free moisturisers, balms and soaps to see how Zander can compliment – or even replace – your skin care routine.


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