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The Syrinx ZA Team

Dedicated to the provision of natural, healthy skin care solutions.
Behind every innovation are people with a passion, a dream, a mission and motive. Collectively our motive is to provide healthy, natural skin care solutions to the people who need them most and our passion and dream is to achieve this sustainably using natural ingredients. The Syrinx Za secret weapon used in our battle against skin disorders is a natural ingredient we have named Zander. Read the Zander Story.

The Syrinx ZA Mission is to make a difference to the lives of people who suffer from common skin disorders by developing state of the art skin care products from natural sustainable ingredients.

Dedicated to the provision of natural, healthy skin care solutions

Syrinx ZA Philip RichardsPhilip Richards – Syrinx ZA Chariman
Philip Richards has had a successful career as an investment manager and Christian philanthropist. Fully committed to creating natural skin care solutions and making Syrinx ZA products available to people with a range of difficult skin problems, hoping they’ll change many people’s lives for the better!

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Ashley Metcalfe - Syrinx ZA Director of Business DevelopmentAshley Metcalfe – Chief Executive

Syrinx ZA International is a company formed with a mission to create a range of natural, sustainable and effective skin care products. Our vision is to provide problem skin sufferers of all ages with relief from eczema, psoriasis, warts and other skin related issues.

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Rupert Bevan - Syrinx ZA Technical and Product DevelopmentRupert Bevan – Syrinx ZA Technical and Product Development Director
Rupert Bevan has been involved in the natural world for most of his working life. Rupert studied Horticulture at Pershore College, later running his own business in horticulture and landscape design. He gained a degree in Environmental Biology from Bath Spa University.

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Tony Maleedy - Syrinx ZA TricologistTony Maleedy – Syrinx ZA Tricologist
Tony is a member and former governor of the Institute of Trichologists, and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. He is a hair science consultant to the Remington Corporation, where he has helped develop many of their most successful brands. He has also created hair products and treatments for many companies and organisations, including The Institute of Trichologists and The Body Shop.
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