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What evidence is there to support the claims about the effectiveness of Sapropel in chelation and moisturising ?

As a company we have undertaken clinical testing during extensive university trials and research projects which have demonstrated Zander’s success in the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions of their salts. This work was initially carried out in universities in Latvia and the Ukraine and more latterly at Bath Spa University and most recently in 2011 at Loughbrough University.

Is Zander safe?

As a natural ingredient it comes from pristine Lakes in North Eastern Europe and has been formed over many hundreds of years. All our products and ingredients have undertaken strict independent Cosmetic Safety Assessments, which are required under European Cosmetic Law.

It is claimed that Sapropel contains a rich source of goodness,
but what exactly?

    Zander is a rich source of organic substances and vitamins.

  • Amino acids 1.5-2.6%.
  • Bitumen 5.5-17.3%.
  • Cellulose 0.4-6%.
  • Hemicellulose 9.8-52.5%.
  • Humic acids 11.3-37.6%.
  • Vitamins: including D, E, C, B and B12 complexes- 55-3500 mg/kg.
  • Riboflavin 1.6-7.5 mg/kg.
  • Carotene 16-178 mg/kg

What evidence is there that Sapropel helps & reduces many symptoms ?

Individuals that suffer from sensitive skin issues tend to have skin prone to:

  1. Acidity (eg lactic acid, associated with digestion of dairy products)
    Zander contains free lime and this is sufficient to neutralise acids.
  2. Atmospheric pollutants, eg nickel and other heavy metals, complex organics, Aspergillus spores etc:Extensive trials have been carried out on Zander, which have demonstrated that Zander will chelate heavy metals and act as a microfine filter for the capture of organic compounds.This unique deep cleansing property enables troubled skin to heal.
What other ingredients are used and why are they helpful to the skin?

Olive oil

  • Promotes a smooth, radiant complexion
  • Helps maintain elasticity of skin
  • Heals dry, brittle nails and soften cuticles
  • Conditions and adds shine to hair

Coconut oil

  • remarkable lathering properties, even in saline conditions, eg salt water
  • Adds hardness and durability to the therapy bar.

Castor Oil

  • homogenising properties
  • renders the therapy bar hard and durable
  • Helps to reduce scars, rejuvenates the skin \nd reduces skin infections


  • Maintains soap hardness and imparts a texture that makes the product very special.


  • antibacterial and antifungal properties

Argan oil

  • twice as much vitamin E as olive oil
  • rich in antioxidants
  • neutralise free radicals and prevent skin damage
  • contains eight essential fatty acids including Omega 6
  • prevents loss of moisture from the skin

Tea-tree oil

  • Natural antibacterial/antifungal properties

Melon seed oil

  • moisturising, regenerating and restructuring properties
  • contributes to the integrity of the cell wall and to the suppleness and beauty of the skin
  • plays a role in regulation of hydration and restructuring of the epidermis

Shea butter

Anti-inflammatory, emollient and humectant properties

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